Friday, September 21, 2012

I Love Core Plot!!

The BQS is able to graph your quadratic now.  And through the help of the great people at Core Plot, I have added touch notations!  So if you want to find a point on the graph, just touch it!  If you are looking for a great static library that will graph for you, Core Plot is the way to go.  They have some great examples on their website, and plenty of helpful people, both at their website, and on Stackoverflow.  You should really check it out.  My next move is to update the BQS with the touch annotations, but I am making sure the App handles all kinds of uses.  I did find two errors on my part.  One, I cut short the number of decimals in my float variables so when graphing a number with something like 0.0003, it would transfer it as just zero.  So I fixed that.  Also, when rotating on the radical screen, in landscape you would lose the i's.  I just needed to adjust the struts and springs.  So these will all be addressed with the next update, but I will do an update first of iOS 5.  I am working on transferring all the code to iOS 6.  When that gets done I will update once again.  Hopefully the BQS is finished and I can start working on my next App.  A data analysis program to be used in my Physics classes!

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