Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BLue Quadratic is finished!

Well, I do believe that the BQS is done.  I have fixed some errors that were graphing the axis backwards!  Fixed a rotation issue that made the "i" disappear on the radical view.  And made the annotations appear with a tap and disappear with a double tap!  I am going to submit for iOS 5 sometime this week.  After that I will update it for iOS 6, but the only issue I need to fix for that is a rotation issue and to take some new screen shots.  All things that should not take more than a couple of hours.  But I think I am going to hold off until more people update to iOS 6.  I am glad to see that my post about the iOS core plot error, got some hits and that it helped people out!  I sure have gotten a lot of help with my concerns from all over the web.  Especially Stackoverflow and Core Plot.  Have a great day!

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